MyCube Ongamenet Starleague! Today's third game

is between someone who's always on top, but lost his first game,

Lim Yo Hwan,


someone who's been victoryless for over 1000 days

before winning his last game, Do Jin Kwang.

We'll see if he can follow that up.

Yes, Lim Yo Hwan

is above 50% in all matchups.

He's now 12-12 (vs Protoss). If he loses,

he will go below 50% versus Protoss, which his pride won't allow.

Do Jin Kwang played as Terran in his only loss vs Terran.

His record versus Terran as Protoss is 1-0.\NI see.

Do Jin Kwang is a switch-hitter depending on how he feels.

Today's third match, Lim Yo Hwan vs. Do Jin Kwang.

Who will win the match. Do Jin Kwang or Lim Yo Hwan?

Both players look confident.

But NOBODY knows the results!

We'll have to wait and see.

The game is about to begin!

Lim Yo Hwan (Boxer)\Nvs.\NDo Jin Kwang (Joyo)

This map was introduced in the MyCube OSL:

Paraodoxxx, MyCube.

First we see Lim Yo Hwan's base.

This is a 2 player island map,

Lim's base is on the bottom at 7'o clock.

7'o clock, Lim Yo Hwan.

Since the map is 2-player the opposite side is, of course,

diagonally situated.\N1'o clock!

Do Jin Kwang.

He's playing Protoss today.

Both players are starting off.

Then, let's take a look at the map.

Last week, Choi Soo Bum (Doggi) was Terran here,

and Guillaume Patry (Grrr) was Protoss here.

After Choi succeeded in landing a Goliath drop,

he maintained his advantage.

Here and here, in places like this,

he dropped his Goliaths.

And by doing so he hampered the movement

of Protoss air units, such as Shuttles.

That was a good strategy.\NAnyway,

Guillaume, who had been preparing Carriers in the corner,

took some heavy damage.

The biggest reason being: the main area is THIS WIDE.

If you want to drop,

there are plenty of places to do so. I see.

It's impossible to completely prevent drops on this island map.

The players should keep that in mind as they play.

That's correct.

Here we see the fans' cameras

recording Lim Yo Hwan's play.

When a player is concentrating and playing hard

there's almost no change in their expressions.

So it's more like taking a picture! Haha, that's true!

It's just like a still-life photograph. Hahaha!

Island map, Mycube, Paradoxxx-Mycube.

What will be the outcome?

The poll results are 81% to 19% (in favor of Boxer).

That's just for reference.

There are quite a few people

who think Do Jin Kwang will make it to the quarterfinals,

The reason is:

if Do Jin Kwang were a straight out Terran player,

he'd have no chance,

but since he's random he might have a chance.

Some people have said so.

One of the experts who say that

is none other than caster Kim Do Hyung.

He said so in interviews across various media outlets.

He has to take responsibility for what he says.

Ah, well since it's the players who play the game,

predictions are just that, predictions!\NPredictions are just...

You're really embarassing me.

Do Jin Kwang already has 1 win under his belt.\NYes.

I also think that

Do Jin Kwang really has

a lot of potential.\NYes, he does.

Especially in group B,

Lim Yo Hwan's

record on debuting maps:\NAh, Group C I mean!

10 wins 2 losses.

It's certainly a lot better than

his overall record, isn't it?\NIndeed.

His ability to adapt to different maps is outstanding.

That's true. Also, ah...

when a game's played on a debut map,

there haven't been many games on that map,

and strategy plays a much bigger role,

leading to Lim's better record.\Yes.

I think it also shows how much he practices.

Here's Lim's island map record.

Seventy point six percent.

Hall of Valhalla is called Yo Hwan of Valhalla.\NYes that's true.

His record there is 77.8%.

Even on non-Valhalla maps

his record is above 60%.

Yes, yes. However,

5 wins 3 losses, 8 games

isn't enough to accurately make a judgement.\NRight.

Rather, the 12 wins 5 losses

is much better data.\NIndeed.

But, you should also consider this:

How did he do versus Protoss?

On islands.\NIndeed.

How did he do versus Zerg? These things should also be looked at in detail.

The thing to look for in this match:

Lim Yo Hwan, the strategist...

Since most Terrans on island maps

use Goliaths and Dropships.

Will he do the same?

Or does he have something else prepared?

That should be most important.

He scans once.

he's changing the direction of the Barracks.

For now, he's going Goliaths.\NIndeed.

I think he's going for Goliaths and Dropships.

On island maps,

Goliath drops

were first used as a main

were first used as a main strategy with success by

none other than Lim Yo Hwan on televised matches.

After that,\NIndeed.

Goliath drops became popular.

That's how it happened.

Troop movement to the islands has started.

On Do Jin Kwang's closest expansion area,

Lim already placed his barracks there.

Doh still decides to expand immediately.\NIndeed.

Doh Jin Kwang is on a four win winning-streak,

as we just saw on screen.

He's in the process of breaking his own records.

If he wins again his new record will be 5 straight.

That's how confident he is.

He's playing according to the strategy he prepared.

Do Jin Kwang is increasing his Gateways.

Indeed. Doh Jin Kwang

is showing us that he doesn't want to go

they way of Guillaume.

He's quickly obtained observers, and

placed them in the usual routes.

If he leaves them on patrol

one scan and some Goliaths could kill it, so

sometimes it's better to keep them still.\NIndeed.

For now he's using observers to identify his opponent's build

and not skimping on ground troops.

He's also quickly getting goon range.

He's also increased gateways.\NHere we see Lim's First Person view...

He's constantly massing Goliaths.\NSoon,

Doh's observers will soon

arrive at Lim's base.\NFor sure.

Dropship... He kills the observer.\NWhoa~

Is he loading his Dropship?

Although he knows of Doh's 3'o clock expansion

it'd be difficult for him to attack with only one dropship.\NIndeed.

Well, he's still loading it.

Lim already has one loss,

so if anybody gets two wins, and he loses again,

he'll be in very big trouble, Lim Yo Hwan!

Hrm...this dropship...\NHe's sending it over!

Is he going to attack his expansion rather than main?\NIndeed...

Seems like it went and came back to jostle for positioning.



Do Jin Kwang's observers

might be in the air.\NIndeed.

Players with keen observation

will of course find an obs while it's moving.\NAh, just now

Doh will notice!\NAh... the observer and dropship

just passed by each other!

He's seen it!\NDoh will be able to prepare quickly now.

This is dangerous for Lim Yo Hwan.\NNow!

He scans... And now he can't go here or there!\NAt the main!

There are dragoons waiting right below.\NIndeed.

Lim Yo Hwan also

knew that he had been spotted by the observer.\NIndeed.

There are a lot of troops at Doh's main,

and a lot of cannons with a few troops at his expansion!

However, what's strong against Dragoons are

Tanks, not Goliaths.\NIndeed.

Instead of using only Goliaths,

He should take into account the fact the main island is large

and increase his Starports,

make lots of Dropships, and use both Tanks and Goliaths.\NIn the end,

Lim's Dropships are coming back without dropping anything...

In the end, Lim moved his dropships twice,

but didn't drop his troops anywhere

and comes back.\NIndeed.

There was no battle...\NAll he did was go there and come back!


That's odd.

He keeps going back and forth.\NI have no idea what this means.


This time he dropped an SCV at his expansion.


This game is

a little different from the Seo Ji Hoon (Xellos) vs. Jeon Tae Kyu (Zeus) match from week 1.

Instead of battling it out for the middle,

they're being extra careful.

In the Seo Ji Hoon vs. Jeon Tae Kyu game,

after Jeon had taken control of the middle,

he completely stopped Xellos's dropships.

Do Jin Kwang looks very concerned

about Lim's Dropship play.

Especially his Goliath centered play.

He's taking this playing style into account.

So he's been very careful in defending against that.

On an island map,

against Protoss

Terran's disadvantage:

Observers!\NThey are the biggest obstacles.

The observers see all!

If they're moving, what's moving, where they're moving to, how much they're moving!

Nothing goes unseen!

The troops are unwavering!

Doh Jin Kwang warps in a Stargate!

It looks like Do Jin Kwang

is thinking of Carriers

as his final weapon.

It's very possible because

pure Carriers can be stopped by Goliaths, but

with ground troops such as Dragoons

it's a very possible option.\NHowever,

Do Jin Kwang isn't getting very many Shuttles at all.

Looks like his expansion is gearing up.

Whoa! It seems as if Lim,

instead of using a small amount of Dropships

and potentially finding himself in a dangerous situation,

is waiting for one big attack.

Yes, yes. That seems to be correct.

In the early game, on this map

you can mine a lot of resources.

In general,

although it's not a resource rich map, during the early game

you can build as much as you need!

5 Dropships.\NI see.

5 dropships are on the move. With this many,

he'll probably just go even if an observer sees him.

Ah, this is gonna be difficult.

He's warped in even more cannons!

Unlike the main,

at a narrow expansion like that

the dropships will get damaged even before unloading.\NIt won't be

to unload his troops.

He's making his 7th cannon!

Lim Yo Hwan in a dangerous position now!

Is it his main? His main? It looks like his main!

Dragoons waiting!

He's changing directions!

Ah, Lim Yo Hwan!!

This is amazing...\NIndeed!


Lim Yo Hwan returns to base again!

Is he doing this on purpose?!

or is he going back and forth,

back and forth because he's got nowhere to go?!\NWhat's going on Lim Yo Hwan?!

It looks for now,

he's doing this on purpose.

It's obvious that Do Jin Kwang

has observers all over the place.


He's letting him see this.

I think that's what it is.

In the end, it'll be difficult for us

to figure out why, without later directly

asking Lim Yo Hwan himself.\NIndeed. Ah!

Hard for us to guess... But for now,

"I might drop Goliaths on you!"

"I might, I just might. Prepare yourself!"

seems to be the message, to worry Do Jin Kwang.\NIs that so?

Anyways, his dropship numbers keep increasing!

Lim's running two armorys.

Whoa... is he going directly to the 3'o clock expansion?

This is...

he wants him to see this.\NIndeed.

Also, Lim's purpose itself is

he's expanding again at 9'o clock!

since he's going for one big attack

the person who attacks first is going to lose out!

Lim also knows this.


when Do Jin Kwang gets his carriers the situation will change.

Indeed.\NThat's right.

What is Lim preparing for the Carriers?

I'm a little curious about that.\NIndeed.

In any case,

Lim Yo Hwan's troops... it's as if they're on patrol!

Both players are being extremely cautious.

Both know that one attack can

lead to defeat!

This time 6 dropships,

going out yet again.

Are they coming back for more?

It's a mystery!

What is Lim doing?

Do Jin Kwang...

"Huh? Something's wrong."

It's about time he started thinking this. But,

However, since he's got enough ground troops

and with enough ground and Carriers Protoss don't lose easily on this map.

That's why Doh is sitting still as well.

Even though it's an island map,

the fact that the game has played out

to this stage without a single battle...

I don't think it's ever happened!\NAre both players

recording 0 kills?

They're not even thinking of shooting...

Ah, ah. One observer died, didn't it?

Lim Yo Hwan! He is, in order to take the 10'o block gas expansion,

preparing himself slowly. 10'o clock!

There's gas over there!

On island maps it's much easier for Protoss

to win the intelligence war.\NOf course!

Having observers,

in all honesty,

he's saying, let's do this when we both have everything we need.

8 observers... I mean,

dropships are moving now.

He's scans first...\NIt'll be difficult to drop there.

Oh! Is he just going to drop?! He's going in deep!

with 8, it should be doable!

Templar will be key! Templars!

Dropships drop while Templars in the back...

do they have Psi storm or not?

There's no psi storm for now!

From 8 dropships!

A massive group of Goliaths from 8 dropships!!

They landed with no trouble!!

It looks as if the Templar will be killed!\NTemplar psi storm!

The research has been done, but!

Why are there so few Templars?

Zealots in front! Zealots!!

Annihilated!\NAnd Templars!

No more Templars in back!\N8, 8 dropships!!!

Is Lim going to win this with timing?\NIndeed...

Looks like he went for timing.\NNow!

There are two more Templars in back that can use psi storm!

Carriers out!

Psionic storm!!\NHe's got this under control!

Where are the rest of the Goliaths?

Is this all... There's no way this is it...

This is it.\NThe rest of the Goliaths...

are dead, it seem!

The fact that Do Jin Kwang stopped this

is very important.\NIndeed.

8 dropships worth...

Although he took some damage, he stopped it!

In this case the tides have turned!

Now he can go harass the expansions.

Lim Yo Hwan's troops...

he's got none left! He used them all.

He's just begun making more!


Maybe he's just loaded them up?

Lim Yo Hwan.

He unloaded everything he had.

Anyhow, Lim's lost all that he dropped.

He has a carrier left.

One left.

Ah, he's got 4 carriers on the move!

That's Lim Yo Hwan's biggest concern.

The fact that he's got a few carriers.\NIndeed.


They can move along with his ground troops.

At the main! At Do Jin Kwang's main

we can see ground forces.\NNow,

aside from his main, his 10'o clock expansion

and 5'o clock expansion defense rests on control of the middle!

Also, Lim being very experienced, having played many matches,

decides that

that his best chance is to attack

while Protoss is preparing Carriers and has 1 or 2.

"I'm most likely to win by sneak attacking the main at that time."

That's might have been what he thought.


In this case,

Do Jin Kwang did extremely well considering everything.\NIndeed.

If Lim loses control of the middle he's in for a hard time

Do Jin Kwang has ground troops as well, he's at an advantage!

If his Dragoons can block on the land, his Carriers can provide support from the air.

He can do this! Do Jin Kwang!\NAh ha...

At this rate...\NRight now,

in terms of pure attack damage,

Dragoons did more damage than the Carriers.

Lim Yo Hwan is in a crisis! Lim Yo Hwan,

he has more transport than troops!

His 10'o block expansion is in danger!

Carriers immediately

Carriers immediately go to harass the 10'o block gas expansion.

Lim Yo Hwan's big 8 Dropship

drop didn't do much, and now

onne by one, he's going to lose his bases.

If he loses the middle,

a come from behind victory is just...

Even if he lost the battle, if he hadn't let go of the middle he could do something.\NIndeed.

But now even that hope has been lost.

Lim moves his troops.


His Goliaths are starting to move!

They're attacking the ground troops.\NLim Yo Hwan is done for if he loses the middle!

Well, even on this map

if Carriers have started to see action,

it's not wise to

counter only with Goliaths.\NIndeed.

Moving his troops,

Lim Yo Hwan is trying desparately to defend 10'o clock.

Of course, since Goliaths are cheap you can get tons of them.\NIndeed.

On a map like this, especially on islands

Carriers won't fight Goliaths out in the open!

A hard battle.

He's lost a few... about three Carriers.

Ah!! In my opinion...\NArbiter!!

Lim Yo Hwan now

has to gain control of the middle in order to win!

That Arbiter

probably won't be used to recall.

Rather than use recall,

He could try recalling probes to his expansions.

It's really annoying when Carriers become invisible.\NIndeed.

You can use comsat station, of coures, but

scan only lasts for a limited amount of time

Terran can use Science Vessels,

but if Protoss concentrate fire, and you lose the Vessel

it can be really fucking annoying for Terran.\NVery true.

If he's too lazy to use a large number of Shuttles,

he could always use recall.

He could gather troops in the middle, then make a surprise attack on Terran's main.

Do Jin Kwang keeps massing troops. The number of shuttles... Ah!

Just as I thought.

He's positioning the Arbiters

right in the middle of his troops.\NTwo Arbiters!

In the middle of his troops!

The scariest thing about them\NIndeed!

isn't just cloaking. It's Stasis that's really terrifying!\NYou're right.

Indeed. For now,

more so than recall,

Stasis might be the main purpose of these Arbiters.

Also Cloaking itself is the main purpose.

How should I say this? For now,

before there are a lot of Carriers,

even with the cloaking

the interceptors all die!\NIndeed.

He did well to retreat his Carriers for now.

When the cliff has been taken like this,

it becomes very difficult to run a gas expansion!

When you lose control of the middle

it becomes very difficult to run a gas expansion!

Do Jin Kwang knows he has to take this area.

So he's expanding to the 5'o clock gas expansion.\NIndeed.

The Goliath upgrades are 2/2.

Lim Yo Hwan needs to at least

harass this area using Dropships.

Do Jin Kwang is taking the 4'o clock expansion while harassing,

and the game is very much in his favor!\NIndeed. Lim Yo Hwan,

what is he doing at his main? Is he massing Goliaths only?

He knows it'll be difficult without tanks.

He's getting them just now!

Did he build a science facility only for the upgrades?

He COULD make a sci vessel.

Since his opponent has arbiters...

Or he could also use EMP.\NEMP

is very useful against

things like Carriers.

Carriers are usually very close together.

A fearful weapon against Protoss.\NIndeed...

It's extremely annoying, getting hit by EMP

and losing all your troops.\NYes!

Lim Yo Hwan needs more of this! Lim Yo Hwan,

starts to harass his opponent's 5'o clock expansion!

Even for a Protoss

with 2 gas expansions,

it's difficult to make Carriers, DT, dragoons,

while getting a large number of High Templars.\NIndeed.\NIndeed.

The gas also runs out extremely quickly on this map.\NOh! Also!

Anyhow, Lim's succeeded in luring the Carriers away

as well as stopping the expansion itself.

Anyhow, Lim Yo Hwan

must get the troops attacking him from the top of the cliff,

or else it'll be very difficult for him.

The battle goes on...

he kills the Arbiter, the Arbiter!

he's concentrating fire on

the retreating Carriers.

He has two goliaths left.


using Vessels to counter Arbiters...

There's not much use for that now.\NIndeed.

There's no point.

However, they should be useful for EMP

in this kind of situation.

I'm sure Terran isn't short on gas.

Ah, also!

Oh?! This time Do Jin Kwang is dropping!\NAh...!

He has no idea...\NShuttles moving!

An SCV saw it as he was passing by, luckily!\NDo Jin Kwang

was trying to drop a little bit at a time,

gathering troops before striking en masse.

It's too bad that he

got caught before he could pull it off!

An SCV saw it as it was passing by!

Now that we can see Lim's troop size,

it's probably better he didn't drop more.\NLim has an enormous amount at his Main!

Ah, the Carriers just barged in.\NAh!!!

Ah, a recall!!! Recall!

Do lured Lim's troops FAR AWAY,

then attacked the area where buildings are concentrated together!

This is important! Do Jin Kwang, this is his trump card!

Ah...! The arbiter dies almost immediately!\NIndeed!

How long will he last?!

Do has dropped quite a few ground troops.

Lim Yo Hwan is in a crisis!

Lim moves his Goliaths back!\NDoh Jin Kwang's supported by his ground troops!

Winning this battle will be HUGE!!

If he can't hold on now,

having defended his 10 o clock expansion will mean NOTHING.\NAlso, Lim Yo Hwan

What are the rest of his Goliaths doing?

Ah, it looks as if Lim is researching LOCKDOWN!!

He has a covert ops add-on!

His main, the battle at his main!

If he can't hold on now it won't matter, Lim Yo Hwan!

If he loses his main his resources will be useless!\NLim is at 1 loss!

and if he loses again...!

It's a crisis!\NThis is a very big crisis!


even though he's reduced most of his dragoons,

he still has a lot of carriers.\NIndeed.

This many carriers on an island map...\NDoesn't look easy for Lim Yo Hwan.

He doesn't have any troops!

Seeing as how he has some in the red,

it looks as if Doh controlled his carriers well.\NIndeed.

Ah.. the rest of his carriers are going to attack the expansion.\NIndeed.


Also, Doh's in control of the 4 o clock gas expansion\NAh...!

Lim Yo Hwan, Lim Yo Hwan!\NIf he sustains this kind of damage at his main...!

He is unable to get additional troops.

His factories aren't doing anything!

Lim Yo Hwan's trying to organize the troops that ARE being made!

Do Jin Kwang!

How many factories has he crushed?

3-4 it seems!\NIndeed...

Did Lim lose a large number

of dropships at some point?

He should load his scattered troops

and bring all of them at once, OR! More shuttes, in fact 3 of them!!

Lim looks done for...

Though not a large number, reinforcements came via shuttles...

Do Jin Kwang is slowly closing in on Lim Yo Hwan!

Lim's killed off most of the carriers,

but if he loses his main

he won't be able to build again in his narrow expansion bases.\NIndeed!

Ah... Doh Jin Kwang won his first game in the OSL in 1200 days!

He's going to win his 2nd in a matter of...

Lim's run out of resources at his first expo!

But his main's dying so...!

He should've brought these over sooner...\NIndeed.

You can see how upset Lim is right now!

He can only muster up a small number of troops!\NIt's almost over...

Do Jin Kwang's 5 o clock expo is already in full gear.\NIt is!

More reinforcements arrive,

while Lim Yo Hwan gets none.

Lim's using his SCVs...\NAnd transporting troops from other bases...

he's reduced most of of it!

Wow! How did Lim get rid of all that?

This is amazing...

He took some severe damage, but...

he's not completely dead yet!\NWow...

Do Jin Kwang also

has no more resources...

It might be difficult once those troops attack.

How did he...?

He stopped it!

His main is in ruins, though not all of it.

However, Lim can still hope! He has this expo...\NHow is he going to defend it?

That previous attack

was enough to make anyone tap out GG, but he stopped it!\NIndeed.

Do Jin Kwang is probably dumbfounded right now.

Since carriers use up a lot of minerals,

and if Doh's last expo at 3 o clock is...\NUh oh!!

If Lim can kill that expo off,

Terran can still win this.\NIndeed.

If Lim loses 10 o clock it's over!\NOh!

He's attacking from the cliff!

However, he has no troops to defend his last expo! 1...

One dropship got there! Ah! He lifts his CC!

With no more resources from 10'o clock

Lim only has what's left at his main!

Do Jin Kwang has a big advantage now!

The fact that he lost all his factories is starting to hurt him a lot!

Ah... Lim Yo Hwan...

Lim Yo Hwan's troops on the cliff...

The zealots take care of it. Do Jin Kwang!

Isn't this the dropship carrying those SCVs?

I think so.

What a pummeling. Lim Yo Hwan's given up on 10 o clock.\NHowever,

However, Do Jin Kwang defended 5'o clock.

Do Jin Kwang defeneded while Lim Yo Hwan couldn't.

After his carriers are ready,

since Do Jin Kwang was making Carriers,

he can go back to Lim's main with a few Shuttles.

Too many zealots!

He's also got templar!\NIn the back!

He psi storms the back while the Zealots courageously fight up front!

Lim Yo Hwan's red units are no longer!

The middle!

He's lost the middle, AGAIN!

Lim keeps losing these battles, one after the other!

Do Jin Kwang's also running extremely low on resources

He's slow in sending reinforcements.

Ah, he knows already!\NIndeed.

He barely got his CC down, but observers see all.

He doesn't have enough troops.

Lim Yo Hwan's gone into

"Chujul" mode (Elky style ;P)\NIndeed.

He's even making vultures now...\NHe's got to make whatever he can.

Do Jin Kwang's got quite a few zealots.

He won't be able to defend this.\NIndeed.

In the middle...

Since there are so many troops in the middle area...


He's got a lot of choices now...arbiters!\NLooks like he's going to recall.

He's been patient!

There's too much of a difference.\NIndeed.

The arbiter goes in and calls in support!

One tank gone! They close in immediately!

Turret! Ah!

Psionic storm SHOWER on the closely huddled together SCVs!!

He's also got ANOTHER arbiter!

All that's left are SCVs...\NHe only has worker units left...

Do Jin Kwang... We can see the mist in his eyes!\NIndeed.

If that CC goes, Lim Yo Hwan...

His hope...

It's gone!

Lim Yo hwan's probably should've...

while Do Jin Kwang was recalling

on his main along with Carrier support...

Although he was busy controlling units defending his Main,

he should've sent troops to his main from the other bases,

or, with those troops,

he should've dropped Do Jin Kwang's main,

making it equally confusing for him.

I think he should've... Ah!

Lim's using a number of vultures

to damage his opponent but...

It's not enough! He's doing well, but it's not enough!

Lim Yo Hwan's not giving up!


He's got no more resources!

There are no more resources anywhere!\NThis is the only place left!

Wow...he researched mines during all that.

While he's attacking here,

his opponent needs more time to regroup and come back to defend.\NHowever!

Do Jin Kwang goes to attack Lim's main, again.\NIndeed.


Carrier, Aealot, and 2 Templars!

Do Jin Kwang is also playing with very

little resources!

Although he's being attacked he's still running one expo!

WOW! Where did he...?!

He doesn't have much resources left... If this place goes...

Where did all of his ground troops go anyway?

Wow... Just like a long time ago...

This Arbiter's like Kim Dong Soo's (Garimto) Arbiter!

It's being used as an offensive unit.

Ah... also!

More vultures, dropped!

Lim Yo Hwan... Anyway!

It'll take a while for Vultures to kill the Nexus, but!

They continue to bash it!\NThis could become...

Ah... If we look at number of troops in possession,

It's still possible for Do Jin Kwang to win this.

He has Carriers and Arbiters.\NIndeed. If Do Jin Kwang

runs out of resources,

and he has no more probes,

and if he runs out of minerals for interceptors,

then he might...\NAh...but still!

Lim Yo Hwan seems to have some resources left!

Goliaths and Vultures come again!

If he destroys the Nexus here...!

And if he can defend after that!

Does Do Jin Kwang even have 400 minerals?!

Lim Yo Hwan can start another base here.

Even if he can't win!\NIf he can...\NHe can lift his CC...

He has a chance!

Since his opponent's main has a lot of

cannons, he might not be able to win!

We might see a tie game.

Well, we don't know yet!

He's stopped the Carriers!

Do Jin Kwang's Dragoons have received serious damage from mines.

He's leveled the expansion! Only the Assimilator is left!!

Do Jin Kwang's...\NDo Jin Kwang's resources...!

How's he doing in terms of resources?!

He's got 6 interceptors, 6!

An interceptor is 25 minerals...

He doesn't even have that!

Although he has ground troops already,

the fact that he's not defending means he has no money for Shuttles.\NShuttles also cost money!!

Also, his arbiter died so he can't recall, either.

We'll check on the resource situation soon.\NWow!

Really... Carrier! Carrier!

He got that carrier!

In a one on one between a Carrier and a Goliath the Carrier should win.

Lim Yo Hwan has 121 minerals,

and he's not getting more! He's run out. Yes, he's run out at 121 minerals.

More important is Do Jin Kwang.\NIndeed.

He can just lift his CC.\NIndeed.

2 dropships!

Doh Jin Kwang 14 minerals!


Concentrating fire on the Carrier! Carrier, carrier!

The carrier is destroyed!!! looks like it's going to be a draw.

What troops does he have left?\NIf,

Do Jin Kwang can't make any more shuttles,

it won't be a draw, but Lim Yo Hwan's victory!

If Lim can get tanks...

Even without tanks, if Do Jin Kwang

doesn't have any Shuttles Lim wins!\NAt 2'o clock!

Lim can mine at 10'o clock!

All he has to do is lift his CC and mind from 10!\NIndeed.

He can also mine from 5...\NIndeed, indeed!

How can he not have ANY Shuttles left?

As time passes, Lim Yo Hwan will...!



Wow! Lim Yo Hwan!

Lim Yo Hwan!

He turned his loss into a victory!!

It wasn't just a comeback!

It wasn't a comeback! He beats Do Jin Kwang,

and goes 1-1. He didn't give 200%,

but gave it 400%, Lim Yo Hwan!

Ah...! This is THE Lim Yo Hwan!

He's truly amazing!

Do Jin Kwang... all for nothing!

Lim Yo Hwan wins!

Aside from feeling at a loss,

He's probably having a hard time swallowing it! Even though he fought so well!!

He probably has no idea what happened!

Every once in a while, on the message boards,

we get complaints about players

who just won't give up a lost cause.

That's because sometimes, SOMETIMES,

they actually win those'lost games!'\NThat's why the try their hardest!

I am so shocked... I'm speechless.\NIndeed.\NLim Yo Hwan...

A situation that is TOTALLY incomprehensible unless you watch from start to finish!

He made that situation!

Yes. This is one of the best games of all time.